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CPAL Hours of Operation:

Dayshift: Monday- Friday 5 am to 4:30 pm  Saturday 5 am to 3:30 pm

Night shift: Monday- Saturday 9 pm to 5 am


Note:  The testing schedule for BCR_ABL Fish will be changing on Monday December 4, 2017. Please see bulletin and test information.


Technical Bulletins Posted:


Leads PinAAcle 900Z June 2017

cobas 6800 HIV Viral Load June 2017

cobas 6800 HCV Viral Load June 2017

JAK2 BCR ABL Fish MPL515 Reflex Testing Pathway May 2017

Biotin Interference on TG 5_2017

Architect SHBG Specimen Type 4_2017

rWBC Residual LeukoCyte Testing of Blood Products- Effective 3/27/2017

Flow Cytometry Lymphocyte Subsets Platform Change- Effective February 6, 2017

HIV Infection-Diagnostic Testing Guidelines_2016

B2 Glycoproteins 2016

HCV Diagnostic Testing Guidelines Update June 2017


Reference Documents

There are two new reference documents posted in the Technical Notes section:

  • HIV INFECTION- Diagnostic Testing Guidelines_May_2014
  • Lyme Disease Testing Algorithm_May_2014


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